Introducing your personal API

What can the web do for you?

Likestripes is making the the web yours again by creating a personal API platform that brings together your posts, your social media, your photos, your maps and more into a single API. I want to make it easy for you to use your data exactly the way you want to.

Why do I need an API?

Everyday, we create immense amounts of data online. We're capturing and documenting our thoughts, actions and lives at an unprecedented rate. So where is all of this data?

...unfortunately, while the web today is an easier to use and more powerful toolkit than ever before, it's also has a lot of walled gardens. Apps interact via APIs, and through partnerships, but that's not the same as the unfathomable randomness you get when you let humans mash stuff themselves.

I think that's an opportunity. I think the potential still exists -- in fact, there's more of it than ever before! -- but we need a layer that gives you control of your data.

That's why Likestripes is creating a personal API -- to make it easy for you to use all of the data you're creating, so you could:
  • Make a food pic map of your instagrams and mash them with your 4square check-ins
  • figure out what you were listening to, who you were emailing and what you had for breakfast on September 23rd, 2009
  • organize all of those damn photos you've been collecting...with robots!
Once you've got an API to access your data, you can take advantage of all of the new tools and techniques that have made web development more accessible -- and now it's powered by you.


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